OneText is a platform that allows you to turn phone numbers into cards on file, allowing for easy and secure text-to-buy transactions. With OneText, customers can quickly and easily make purchases using their mobile device, without the need to use their physical credit card every single time. This can makes online purchases one word away. Literally.

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🤔 Things you may hear that aren’t true

Myth: Text to Buy Isn’t Allowed

Reality: When you send a text, you can link wherever you like: Your Site, Your App, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Etsy or OneText. OneText handles payments similarly to Livescale, a live shopping app which Shopify celebrates in a case study. The Big SMS companies can’t use our model to distribute via Shopify App Store. But you can still install OneText directly in 10 minutes.

Myth: Text to Buy Isn’t Compliant

Reality: TCPA doesn’t prohibit text to buy. Neither do carrier guidelines which we read closely. Happy to nerd out and get technical about the implications of the Short Code Handbook Section A, Item 18, paragraph 2 and Section 6, Item 2 of the T-Mobile Code of Conduct but TLDR, text to buy IS compliant.

Myth: Simultaneous Head to Head Trials Break Carrier Guidelines

Reality: Head to head trials are fine as long as you’re careful about syncing opt outs. The carriers don’t mind multiple numbers per brand. There is something bad called Snowshoeing but our trial design does not snowshoe.