At OneText, we really love working with data and analytics. We know that it can be hard to take in a lot of information at once. We aim to be clear and open about everything we do. Thatโ€™s why you can see all the data for every event that occurs with every message we send.

๐Ÿ“Š Performance Stats

Flow Stats Page

The Performance Stats is the homepage of your OneText dashboard. On this dashboard, you can visually track the performance of your OneText account by viewing all-time metrics. These metrics include not only revenue, but also the number of text orders and cards vaulted.

  • The Text to Buy ROI is calculated by dividing the text-to-buy revenue by all fees.
  • The Total ROI is calculated by dividing the total revenue by all fees.

๐Ÿ“ˆ Flow Stats Page

The Flow Stats page provides an in-depth view of the analytics tied to every flow and event within your OneText account.

Flow Stats Page

On this page, you can keep an eye on our core flows and automations, as well as individual campaigns or custom flows. If anything is not clear, please ask us for help!

  • checkout_recover: Metrics related to the checkout recovery core flow. This process collects information from Shopify checkouts and sends an initial message to recover that order.
  • sales_agent / manual_api_call: Initiations by our in-house agents. Our agents are trained to recover sales by having meaningful engagements with your shoppers. When our support team helps a shopper and makes a sale, itโ€™s recorded as a sales_agent in the metrics.
    • Note: currently this only shows sales by agents on interactions that canโ€™t be cleanly attributed to a campaign.
  • cart_concierge: Follow-up after receiving a purchase offer from OneText (via campaign or welcome series) but the customer did not make a purchase. However, if the customer goes back to the website and adds a new item to the cart, we will detect it and follow up with them.
  • other: Due to the conversational nature of OneText, it is sometimes unclear which flow to attribute certain text orders to. These text orders are labeled as other.

Decoding the Metrics

  • Starts: Shows the number of messages sent for that specific flow.
  • Clicks: Shows the number of clicks on links in messages.
  • Text Orders: These are the orders that originate directly from a text.
  • Website Orders: These orders originated from the website and may be attributed to a text. By highlighting these orders, we demonstrate the influence and reach of your text campaigns.
  • Text Order Lift: Measures the increase in sales that resulted directly from our messages.
  • Conversion: Total orders/starts. Most marketing services report conversion as orders/clicks. We find it more useful to use the total recipient population as the denominator, even if it makes the fraction appear smaller.