💰 Billing Models

OneText will use one of two billing models:

1. Partner Fees aka “Send Now, Pay Later” (Default)

  • OneText deducts accrued fees at the time of purchase alongside payment processor fees.
  • Processor, revenue share, and fees may appear bundled together in the payment processor’s reports, but the invoice on the Invoice page will itemize all OneText fees and any OneText-related pass-through charges.

2. Top Up

  • OneText will charge your card on file for the SMS/MMS fees, revenue share, and the platform fee. The payment processor will bill its charges separately.

💸 Handling Negative Balances

  • Our billing system aims to always maintain a positive balance of $100. If your balance falls below $100, we’ll charge your saved card to replenish it, ensuring you have the necessary funds for ongoing transactions and campaigns.
  • If we are not able to charge your saved card, we will attempt to recoup the maximum fee possible via purchases:
  1. Taking 100% of text order transactions until the balance returns to $0.
  2. Thereafter, taking 20% of transactions until a $100 balance is restored.

🧾 Understand Your Invoice Page

Your invoice page is where you can find a breakdown of all the fees and costs. You can also click on Actions to download your invoice in PDF format.

These are the names of the items on the invoice:

  • SMS Fee: Cost per message segment
  • Monthly Platform Fee: OneText monthly platform fee
  • MMS Fee: Cost per MMS
  • Revenue Share: OneText Revenue Share collected per text order