Through sending customized text messages, our goal is to reconnect with shoppers, provide them with exclusive incentives, and ultimately encourage them to finish their purchase.

Example of a checkout recover with refills by OneText

⚙️ Settings



Go to OneText and click Core Flow Settings


Cart Recovery

Select Cart Concierge to turn on the cart recovery.

Cart recovery requires SMS consent. We will only send this message if we detect that the user has given SMS consent.

Start the Configuration

Select Cart & Checkout Recovery to configure the settings for your messages.



The Discount is optional. It can be a percentage, a full amount, a cashback, or a Shopify discount code.


Other Settings

  • Recovery Delay: By default, the first cart & checkout recovery message is set to be sent after five minutes, and the recovery message is set to be sent after 24 hours.
  • Subsequent Recovery Interval: The minimum amount of time between subsequent recovery attempts, in days. The default is two days, meaning we don’t send two recovery messages to the same shopper within a 48-hour period, even if they abandoned multiple carts and checkouts.
  • Checkout Recovery Product Image: By default, we send the product image for the product or one of the products that the shopper abandons. If you don’t want to send the image, you can turn off this setting.


Scroll down and click on the Save button.

📝 Content

We conducted extensive testing to develop our template for the card and checkout recovery message. You have the option to personalize parts of these messages to align them with your brand’s tone and build more trust with your customers.

Both the message opener and message body can be customized. If you don’t customize the message opener, it will show this default, replacing “Jane” with the shopper first name and “Brand” with your brand’s name.

OneText Card & Checkout Recovery Template

Customize your content



Go to OneText and click Custom Message Content



  • Cart & Checkout Recovery: Message body for the first cart & checkout recovery message.
  • Cart & Checkout Recovery Reminder: Message body for the second cart & checkout recovery message.
  • Cart & Checkout Recovery Greeting (optional): Message opener for the both messages. We recommend using our default template for this, so there is no need to fill out this field. However, if you want to customize the message opener, make sure to mention your brand name in this opener.


Scroll down and click on the Update Custom Content button.

🔎 How OneText Checkout Recovery Works

OneText Full Checkout Recovery Flow.

Transactional SMS Consent

Information about transactional SMS consent and checkout recovery, including legal precedent.