At OneText, we believe that everyone is tired of subscriptions. This is not just our opinion, but also shoppers’s opinion. That’s why we have developed a feature called Refills, which offers an automatic repeated order to your shoppers in a natural and organic way. You can customize an incentive specifically for this refill, which will be available on all future orders after your shopper opts in.

It is worth noting that 50% of OneText buyers choose to opt into automatic repeated orders. This is because it provides them an exclusive discount, and the ability to skip, delay, or cancel through text. If your product is consumable, this feature is a must-have for your account.

Example of a checkout recover with refills by OneText

🔁 How To Set Up Refills



Go to OneText and click Core Flow Settings



  • Select Automatic Refills. -Default Refill Period: Define your refill period. If you have a monthly subscription on your website, set it up to refill every 28 days. This timeframe allows you to send the order and ensures that your shopper receives your product every month.
  • Discout: It can be a percentage, a full amount or a cashback. The shopper will receive this incentive on every order, except for the first one where they accept the refill offer.


Scroll down and click on the Save button.