At OneText we trigger this welcome message when we detect a new SMS opt-in in your CRM. We only send it if the shopper does not have a recent purchase on the store. If you want to set up a welcome message specifically for recent shoppers, you can use a webhook.

For popups, we recommend using a tap-to-text link for mobile subscribers to provide a frictionless and seamless user experience when they try to claim the incentive that you are offering.

Example of a tap-to-text popup by OneText

👋 Default Welcome Message

Our default welcome message is perfect for stores with more than three products. If this is not your case, please refer to the custom welcome message page.


Go to OneText and click Core Flow Settings



Select Welcome Message to turn on the welcome flow.



Set up the incentive that you are offering to your new SMS subscribers. It can be a percentage, a full amount, a cashback, or a Shopify discount code.



If you don’t customize the content, you’ll use our already optimized and tested template. It will be like this:

Hey Shopper’s First Name! 👋 Welcome to Brand Name!

My name is Agent Name and I’m here to help. I sent a contact card so you can text us in future!

You’re eligible for a 10% discount on any items today! Just let me know what you’re interested in. Or tap this link to browse our store and let me know when you’re ready Store Link


A for Most Popular Product

B for Second Most Popular Product

C for Third Most Popular Product

Or reply ‘more’ to get your discount on any other product!

If you want to customize your content, open the Custom Message Content page and add your content to the Welcome section. The content you add here will replace the content starting from My name is up to the Store link.



Scroll down and click on the Save button.


Tap to Text Link

Do you want to have a tap-to-text link for your pop-up that sends this welcome series? Click here to set up your link.

To generate the tap-to-text link for your welcome series, follow these steps:



Go to OneText and click Create Flow Link



Select Welcome.


Incoming Message e Flow Name

  • The incoming message is the message the shopper will send to give your store consent to send SMS marketing. You can use something similar to this: Send this message to sign up to receive offers and marketing messages from the BRAND by text message. You can opt out at any time!.
  • Type welcome on the Flow Instance Name field.


  • Scroll down and click on the Create Flow Link button.
  • That’s the link that you’ll need to use!