✏️ Core Flows

Core flows are managed within OneText, where you can configure their incentives, time delays, and content on the OneText dashboard.

OneText Core Flows Dashboard

💻 Webhooks

Another powerful automation option is through webhooks. If you use Klaviyo, you can set up a OneText message within any Klaviyo flow. This feature provides great flexibility, allowing you to create various flows with different triggers and conditional splits. This ensures that you send the message at the right time and moment during your shoppers’ journey.

OneText Webhook on a Klaviyo Flow

🧨 How to Choose the Right Type of Automation

The core flows are powerful and ensure quick delivery and precise targeting.

  • Cart and Checkout abandonment, product view recovery/browse abandonment, and welcome message are recommended to be set up using OneText.
  • For flows that require custom triggers and specific targeting and delivery settings, it is better to set them up via webhook.

If you have any questions, please contact our success team. We can evaluate the best implementation of your flow together.