Glossary Terms

📊 Analytics

  • Text Orders: These are the orders that originate directly from a text.
  • Text-to-Buy ROI: Return on investment for your text flows.
  • Text-to-Buy Revenue: This is the total revenue from text orders.
  • Total ROI: Return on investment combining text flows and website orders.
  • Total Revenue: This number represents the combined count of Text Orders and Website Orders. This lets you see how effective your text-based campaigns are overall.
  • Website Orders: These orders originated from the website and may be attributed to a text. By highlighting these orders, we demonstrate the influence and reach of your text campaigns.


  • Cart Recovery: The process of recovering abandoned shopping carts by sending targeted messages to potential customers.
  • Magic Links: OneText links that enhance standard texts, increasing the likelihood of sales conversions.
  • Text-to-Buy: OneText’s core feature that allows customers to make purchases through a single text command, simplifying the buying process.

🚀 Strategy

  • Pre-Orders: Allowing customers to place orders for products before they are officially released.
  • Refills: Automatic ordering of products to ensure customers receive repeat orders at specified intervals.

🔗 Tech

  • Integration: The seamless connection between OneText and platforms like Shopify and Klaviyo for enhanced functionality.