👀 The ‘Secret Shopper’ Phenomenon

  • Driving FOMO: Humans are curious creatures. They don’t want to miss out, especially when it’s about exclusive deals. That’s where our ‘secret shopper campaign’ thrives – creating a buzz about an exclusive way to unlock some savings via text.

📨 From Emails to Texts

  • Initial Email Reach-Out: Begin by creating curiosity. Send an email to your subscriber list (excluding those who have already given consent to receive SMS from you), revealing a new ‘secret’ method to place an order. Make it more enticing by offering a special reward for the first few who respond or a unique offer for everyone who takes advantage of it.
  • Tap-to-Text & QR Code Magic: With OneText, transitioning from an email click to an SMS opt-in is seamless. We equip you with a tap-to-text link and a QR code. Subscribers who tap or scan? They’re in! They automatically get added to your SMS list, ready to dive into the ‘secret shopper’ experience.

Example of an email created for a secret shopper campaign

Setting Up a Secret Shopper Campaign with OneText

Learn how to set up a secret shopper program with a QR code and a tap-to-text link.